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Bubblegum Pink King 7 in action

Stinger Lures

Simply the Finest Since 1987

I like my own lures - they work for me and they'll work for you!


In workmanship and materials, Stinger Lures are unsurpassed in quality.  Years of research and testing have gone into the design and development of Stinger Lures.  Constructed of solid brass and stainless steel components, using VMC™ brand fish hooks, they're built to perform and built to last.

Experienced fishermen are discovering what we already know – Stinger Lures catch more fish!  They're simply the finest.

Stinger Tip 

Bay Fishing for Salmon - If you like fishing coastal bays for coho and chinook, but find the wind cause can havoc with your light tackle, try using a 30 lb. braided line (such as Tuf Line or Power Pro).  Attach a barrel swivel and 18" of 30 lb. mono leader, then tie on your Squid Stinger™.  Not only will the lure cast farther and spin better, but you won't lose your prize catch to weak line.

  Squid Stingers™

Pink Magnum Squid Stinger

These salmon and steelhead lures are uniquely effective in both fresh and salt water.  The pulsating tentacles mimic the salmon's natural food - the squid.  Combined with the attraction of the silver-plated spinning blade, this lure will attract big fish like no other lure today.


 Tuna Stingers™

Purple and Black Tuna Stinger

Tuna Stingers are popular off-shore trolling lures that feature chrome-plated brass heads, hand-tied with two vinyl skirts to give you a variety of fish-catching colors.  Introduced in San Diego, California, these lures work on a variety of pelagic species, including tuna, billfish, and dorado.


  Stinger Flies™

Silver and Orange Stinger FlyStinger Flies combine the best of fly fishing with the proven attraction of an unbeatable lure design.  The hand-tied fly behind the in-line sonic blade will produce unparelled fishing success. Produced in a wide range of colors, this lure is excellent for trout, kokanee, small and large mouth bass, and many other species of fish.



 The Original Stinger   

Silver and Red 1/2 oz. Stinger

True to it's name, the original Stinger is still a favorite in tackle boxes today for those seeking to bring home the trophy salmon or steelhead. With our superior design and in-line blade, this lure is produced in several sizes and a wide range of colors. Simply ideal for fishing fast water in rivers and streams!


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